Incra Rules

During my recent update of the Tools page, I was surprised to note that I hadn’t actually made direct mention of some of my favourite markup tools in the workshop – the Incra Rules.

The underlying principle of these rules is they have extremely accurately drilled holes at every measurement point, which are just the right size for a 0.5mm clutch pencil.

Incra Rules

The rules pictured here are a T Rule, Bend Rule, Protractor and Marking Rule.

Incra Protractor

The Incra Protractor can be used both with the track to accurately place it on the edge of the workpiece, or removed from it so the protractor can lie flat.  Marks can be drawn at every degree – incredible accuracy.  Even the crosshairs for centering the protractor when used without the rail are 0.5mm apart is it is easy to position the protractor on bisecting lines.  The rail has a lip on the lower edge so when reassembling the protractor, it regains its precision.

Incra T Rule

The T Rule is in my mind one of the best tools you can have for marking up work.  Not only can it be taken apart (as with the protractor), the rail makes making up so simple, and accurate.  By inserting the clutch pencil in the required hole, the entire assembly can be slid along the edge of the workpiece producing the accurate line, very quickly.  In the image above, I have created lines 10mm apart, then 5mm, then 1mm, and finally 0.5mm. I find myself using this technique over and over (and over).


In this closeup, you can see the hole layouts that are provided.  Different rules have different available measurements.  For example, the bottom edge measurements have 1mm and 0.5mm placements.  Above that there are inch layouts, with the ability to place lines at decimal 0.025″ increments.  Above that, 1/64″ placements.

Accuracy. It is a beautiful thing!

These rules all sourced from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.  Made from stainless steel, they are definitely worth their weight in gold.

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