I was trying out some of the other abilities of the Torque today – angling the router and the drill, but for some reason I found the ability to rotate the tool became problematic, to the extent that I took the carriage apart to see where the problem was.  I was getting some scoring between the two surfaces, and no matter how much I polished the surfaces up I couldn’t seem to resolve the problem.  Even the guys at Torque hadn’t experienced this problem, and it had gotten to the point that I couldn’t effect any rotation at all.


Scoring between surfaces

In the end, after exhausting what I could do about it, I opted to try a different approach.  A quick trip up to Carbatec for some graphite impregnated cloth, and I tried this solution out:

Graphite 'washer'

Time will tell if this is a viable solution for me or not – placing a friction-reducing material in the gap doesn’t seem like a good idea, but so far it is working better than I expected.  At least it may work for me long enough to be able to determine the original cause.

While working on this, I needed to remove the tool carrier and vertical plate, to get to the bolts behind.  That required the springs to be undone – something that needs to be done on occasion anyway (it has been suggested to undoing one spring when doing 3D router copying is a good move), and although loosening a spring could be managed with some difficulty, doing it up again was very difficult.

So what I decided to do was to drill a couple of holes, allowing direct access to the top spring retaining screws.

Spring Access Holes

So that proved a worthwhile modification, and now it is even easier to remove and replace a spring when it is important/desirable to do so.

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