2010 already. Only seem like it was yesterday that it was 2009.

For the past year (from 1 Jan 09) I have been trying an experiment- posting an article of some description every single day. I kind of got there- on a dozen or so occasions, the post was the same calendar day somewhere in the world. So for 2009, you will find a minimum of a post per day (and many days have 2 or more).

It was an interesting exercise, and I think the website benefitted accordingly. For this next year, I am going to take some of the pressure off, and not demand of myself the same level of discipline- not sure how that will work out-after a year, posting daily becomes quite a habit!

So looking forward for a moment to the year ahead, although that might just be an exercise in futility- the site by its nature is very reactive (and responsive). However, I do know there will be more in-depth on the Gifkins dovetail jig, DMT diamond stones (one went ‘missing’ during delivery back in September, which I am still waiting to have replaced), definitely the Torque Workcentre (I was out there to all hours improving the top tonight, and have had lots of serious fiddling generating some new for it).

So watch this space – hopefully there will be something of interest for everyone!

Happy 2010!!!

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