SSYTC041 The Angle Grinder Grows Up

This is the AGP 125, in the Protool range, as seen at the Festool Media event.

Never really felt any real interest in working with concrete/tile etc, or owning a tool capable of doing so….until now that is.

This tool has two setups – a shrouding for cutting, and a second for grinding/smoothing. Both lend two significant advantages: dust control and operation control.

Tile/Concrete Cutter

For cutting/grout-line grinding etc, the tool is held on a sled that can also engage the Festool/Protool rails and controls the depth-of-cut.  The orange-shield can be flicked open during grinding to see the end of the blade so you can stop right on a point when needed.  The orange shield is just that – extra shielding, and improves the dust collection.  The dust control doesn’t need much discussion – you cut, and the dust goes away.  What is normally a very dusty operation (dry cutting) is instead rendered dust-free.  The use of the Autoclean Vac is a particularly good idea – the amount of concrete dust the system collects would completely block a filter with a thick crust very quickly.

Dust-Free Concrete Cutting

From this angle, you can see the grinder component, and that the guide/shield is an attachment.


Some of the blades available – check out the kerf on the bottom one!

Grinding the Groutline

It will cut pretty straight when used hand-held, or dead straight when used with the Festool/Protool rail.

The Big Brother

And if you need more than the standard unit, there is also a big brother on its way.


If you’ve finished with cutting, perhaps a polished finish would be in order.  Once again dust free, and where it comes to control, the last thing you want is the edge of the surface grinding blade digging into the surface. (The equivalent of a belt sander doing damage if not controlled properly.)

Surface Treatment

Other than the powerful surface polisher blade visible here, there is the disk around the outside that can be set to a specific height to prevent edge dig-ins. Just inside that ring is a ring of brushes to control dust leak.

Real Smooth Shave

Grinding, polishing dust free – sounds like the way to do these jobs!

SSYTC041 The Angle Grinder Grows Up

If I had one of these, I’d have a very smooth/shiny shed floor!!

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