Swings Both Ways

The original Torque Workcentre saw mount had one mounting position for crosscutting, and a second on the end for ripping.  This worked well for crosscutting, but meant there was quite a cantilever for ripping, especially with a big saw attached.  It also meant you had to remove and reattach the mount each time you wanted to change between rip and cut.

Solving both issues in spectacular fashion, is the replacement mount for the saw accessory.

Original on the Right, New on the Left

Taking the block mount and upgrading it to what is a substantial improvement over the original.


It is well thought out – the top nut is self-locking and is the rotation point for the mount.  The lower bolt (in the curved track) is used to lock the jig in position.  At either end of the curved track is an adjustment bolt to ensure the jig is stopping exactly at 90 degrees.


Crosscut detail

In crosscut, the mount works as it always did, however with the extra ability to tweak the final angle of the saw relative to the beam. A hidden benefit is the saw now clears the end (the upright) much better.


Ripping Detail

It is when wanting to rip that the differences are immediately apparent.  The mount is no longer balancing on its end which a good thing on its own.  You can switch between the two at a moment’s notice, and even the large Triton saw fits in both positions.

So this upgrade to the TWC Saw Mount is definitely worth every cent, and improves the TWC far more than you’d expect of a small block of steel.

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