Aftermarket Festool

The last item to comment on that came out of the Festool Media event is a bit of a strange one.  Strange, because like the Oscillating Saw blades, it is not a Festool/Protool product.  At least in this case it is for a tool that Festool do sell.

RTS Festool Jig

When it was being sold as an aftermarket item, it looked the part – the complex engineering solution of a product in development.  It can’t even be branded Festool due to ongoing legal wranglings.

It does provide additional functionality to the Domino, but what bothers me is this appears to my mind to go a way to replacing the functionality lost when Festool chose to ditch the original pin locators on the front of the Domino in favour of the much less functional flip-tabs.  However, that the pins have gone is history, so there is a jig stepping up to provide additional functionality over and above the Festool jigs currently available.


The variable position stops flip out of the way, and have the additional tab to provide additional support to help prevent tab flex.  Repositioning the tabs requires a hex key – another reason this needs a real Festool engineer’s workover.

Tabs, tabs, tabs, tabs

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