One Time Tools

Woodpeckers have recently been releasing tools called “One Time Tools”, being a limited edition one-off production run (well kind-of..they are being used to release something of curious appeal, or to test the market on a new development. This means that downtrack some may get repeated, but once the initial run is sold, there is no certainty they will ever appear again).

The first few looked kind of interesting, but as the collection has grown, the overall theme is looking increasingly impressive – a case of the sum being greater than the parts…not that the parts are anything to sneeze at in themselves either.  They look very useful, as are all the Woodpeckers items I have in my own shed.  Not only that, but are not individually priced out of the reach of the average woodworker.  Which is a roundabout way of saying they are quality, and affordable.

Some of the One-Time tools have already sold out, and others are coming on line.

As mentioned in the Professional Woodworkers Supplies eUpdate (email newsletter) Woodpeckers has also released a Cross Dowel Jig.  So if you wanted to furniture to rival Ikea, this is the jig for you 🙂

Not to be factitious – every joint type has its place and purpose.  Like the Kreg Pockethole, it may not be used for fine furniture, but still can be used to produce a strong, quick joint that can be broken down when no longer required.  Consider for example, making a baby’s crib, it gets used for the first few months, then needs to be stored for future (potential!) needs.  Using this sort of joint allows the furniture to be broken down to a very compact form so it is easily stored until needed again.

So if interested, check out this one here, and One-Time Woodpeckers tool offerings here.

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