Pocketwrench II

Another interesting small tool from Carbatec (following the same lines as the Veritas screwdriver washer) is the Pocketwrench II.  Inexpensive at $16, it is made from 400 series (surgical grade) stainless steel, and at 1/8″ thick, has plenty of heft for its size.

Funny thing is, for such a simple design it is surprisingly effective.  It is certainly well thought out.  The teeth vary in size, getting smaller as the nut size decreases, and the hexagonal hole is the right size for this tool to be used as a high torque socket or screwdriver bit insert handle.

As a wrench, it will grip both hex nuts and square, even wingnuts. It works with metric and imperial from 5mm to 17mm and 3/16″ to 11/16″

The flat screwdriver end is less useful as a screwdriver, and more useful as a pry end for paintcans and the like.

Simple + cheap + effective = a valid formula for a good tool.

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