Throwing a bench together

Ever since rearranging the shed (from memory, to fit in the Torque Workcentre, so it has been for quite a while now – year or more?) I have not had a home for my benchtop power tools.  I was out in the shed for a quick hour cleanup this afternoon and had one of those annoying lightbulb situations (you know, when the lightbulb flicks on the the head).  Looked over at the laz-e-boy recliner, and decided for the amount it gets used, it was occupying real estate that could be better utilised.

So I grabbed some of the shelves left from the destruction of the old cupboards, the Kreg Pockethole and once again, the Rockwell collection of Li-Ion tools and quickly whipped up a new bench for the tools to sit on.

For something that took all of 15 minutes or so, I’m quite pleased with the result.

Benchtop Tool Home

Finally, a home

More than anything, I’m pleased with the result because it finally gives these tools a home again, and one that doesn’t involve me both tripping over then, or having to kneel on the floor to use them.  I’ve left the back open so I have access to the services behind.

Back to the construction, the Kreg Pockethole jig is proving itself again and again, as are the new Rockwell tools.  All three are making constant appearances at the moment- I’m becoming increasingly impressed by them – their convenience, and ability to get the job done.

After solving the benchtop tool problem, I found some inspiration to tackle some other jobs that have been outstanding.

Lathe Shuffle

The lathe got a bit of a shuffle to the left….

Drill Press

and the drill press was removed from the portable base, allowing the lathe to be bought in closer.  With the new cabinet, the makeshift storage at the base of the drill press got a bit of a going over as well.

New Shelf

Finally, I used two of the additional shelf brackets I got from Ideal Tools to add another shelf to the Walko.  I still want to make a laminated timber top, but until I do, this MDF one will do.  Gave me somewhere to mount the vice, and the wood vice on the right may get mounted underneath as well.

So lots of odd jobs, good late night-type activities when I can’t kick up too much noise. And progress is always particularly rewarding.

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