Take Two

With all the changes around the shed, particularly those impacting on the Torque Workcentre, I need to replace the workcentre top which has become rather used (and seeing as it is user-supplied MDF, no big deal making a replacement).

It is good timing then, that Torque Workcentres have come up with a new system for the top that not only means thin strips of MDF can be used, but one that allows the easy fitting of hold downs.


So, does this mean the end to the use of the Walko Surface clamps?  Not on my workcentre!  I just need to drill a series of holes between the tracks (still maintaining the 100mm distance between centres of each hole).  The tracks as supplied you get to choose the widths of the MDF boards, and then use the supplied cutter to cut the slots needed, so coming up with a layout that supports both the holddowns and the horizontal clamping will be easy.

Custom TWC Track

The track holds the boards firmly down, and also is not the full width of the MDF, so you can still use the top as a sacrificial board without cutting into and through the track.

And fwiw, this is the Carbitool Surfacing Cutter that really comes into its own when fitted to a router mounted on the Torque Workcentre.

Surfacing Cutter

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