Delta Scroll Saw Bargain

I certainly cannot claim to be any expert on the range of scroll saws out there, but I have an idea that the Delta 16″ variable speed is meant to be a pretty good model, based on the number of queries I have seen about them with people looking for one on the woodworking forums.

Delta Scroll Saw

Delta Scroll Saw

I’ve spotted a number of these out back at Carbatec (Melbourne), and seeing as it is no longer in their catalogue, asked what the story was with them.

Apparently, they were a batch that had a faulty variable speed unit, so Carbatec have gotten in replacement VS units and have swapped them over.  They are now being sold off (as of today(?)) as seconds, (no warranty) for $250.  (Again afaik, they were originally $360), so not a bad saving!

Again, from the forums, once the Delta became unavailable, you needed to increase your budget to $500-$600 for a good quality entry level scrollsaw, so being able to grab one for $250 sounds pretty good! (About $550 for a TruPro, and up to $980 odd for an Excalibur – beautiful scrollsaw, but it’d have to be for that amount of green!)

If anyone has any particular feedback on this model, I’d also be very interested, because at that price, I am sorely tempted to grab one myself. (I’ve been reviewing the Excalibur – amazing machine but miles outside of my budget!)

Just got an email back from Carbatec about the specific model number
It is the DE-40-540.
Assume that is what people were hoping/expecting!

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