CXS Drill Driver

Saw the new CXS Driver as well – it is a small(er) one in the Festool family, and when seen alongside some of the others, it is a bit of a baby.

Drill Family

One very obvious part of this is the battery being contained within the grip, rather than under it.


It is a mini drill in capacity too, with a 10mm chuck (and it is not able to take the larger ones, or the eccentric one that is in the main range), so is light and convenient and with the 90 degree attachment, particularly suitable for getting into smaller places.

A sideways screw

Not having a heavy battery swung under the drill would also help when completing repetitive jobs.

Onboard Storage

Neat little tool, almost a pity it doesn’t have a impact function so it could double as a drill and impact driver. But for what it was designed to be, looks like it is on the money.

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