To the Power of 3

Got a (global) email from, about a new project Andy has been working on, and decided to have a closer look.

What he has been developing is called

and that little hook at the end caught my attention: how to build anything with “3 tools 3 boards 3 steps“.

Knowing Andy from his previous creations, he has the ability to simplify things down to basic steps, and present it in a really tidy form.  I’m actually quite jealous of the finish Andy achieves with his documents.  So I decided to buy his e-book, just to see what it is about.  For all of $10 (currently), it wasn’t exactly expensive, for a 100 page e-book (downloads in 13 separate files, one per chapter.  I would have preferred a single document, but combining the PDFs into a single document isn’t complicated if you know what you are doing).

The topics are very much for a beginner, which is who Andy is specifically targeting, and doesn’t fall into the common trap of assuming a certain prerequisite level of knowledge and terminology.

This e-book isn’t going to suit everyone, but if you are, or know someone who is a beginner, perhaps who has looked at the timber in the lumber yards, or poked around the tools in the tool shop but hasn’t dared take that extra step and make a purchase, then suggest this e-book to them.  A store like Home Depot, Bunnings, Mitre 10, Lowes etc would do themselves a lot of favours to buy the rights to the e-book, and even give (or sell) copies of it away.  The extra business in their lumber yards and tool shop would pay them back many-fold.

So well done Andy – looks good.  One day I might have to see if you can extract decent content from this site and produce a quality e-book from my work!

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