Working Bees

Was down at the local kindergarten on the weekend, as part of the working bee.  A fun little evolution, I’m surprised just how important the voluntary parents’ committee is to the integral running of the organisation.  If the parents don’t make something happen, it doesn’t get done!

From painting, to gardening, sweeping and spider hunting, it was a busy, self-driven morning.

Fun though.  Now I just have to work out how to get an equivalent team running around my backyard sorting out all the gardening and mess!  Hmm – the Stu’s Shed kindergarten for sheddwellers!

The road signs got a bit of a touchup – made the edges of the stop signs a little thin, so took the Sonicrafter and cut them down to half the height, resanded, then repainted.  The beauty of doing a raised detail sign means the letters and edges are very easy to paint (and repaint) with a small roller.  The signs are already quite a hit (and from what I hear, I could quite easily make more and sell them to some of the families!  The kindergarten is always looking for fundraising – perhaps some additional signs wouldn’t go astray for the next marketday!), and after the weekend, there is now the start of a black road for them to ride along.

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