Aldi and an unexpected shed upgrade

Was in Aldi earlier today (don’t shop there much, but their nappies are pretty good, and a reasonable price).  Came home with a bit more than I expected – an upgrade for the shed!

One of their ‘special’ buys at the moment is rubber flooring 6 pack for $20.  I bought a couple of sets – thought it would be good for reducing fatigue while standing at some of the tools for extended periods of time.  After laying what I had, I went straight back down for one more pack to finish the job – it covered more area than I expected, so instead of covering an area in front of a couple of the major tools as was my original plan, I found that just one more pack would pretty much cover the whole tool area.  (Each pack is 2.3m^2)

So now I have a nice soft surface to stand on while working in the tool section of the shop.  I don’t know how durable the surface is – only time will tell, but if it comes to that I could always put a thin ply (or similar) layer over the top.  It was very easy to lay – took minutes, so if I need to, it can be lifted to move a tool around.  Also, if some sections start wearing excessively, it will be a very easy and quick job to swap the worn sections for the less worn areas.

Aldi Rubber Flooring Pack

Aldi Rubber Flooring Pack

Laying the flooring

Laying the flooring

Flooring under saw and lathe

Flooring under router table, bandsaw and drillpress

Flooring under router table, bandsaw and drillpress

Not only does the flooring go together very easily, there is a generous supply of edging to give a finished look to the job.

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  1. It is proving an excellent floor covering, and keeps the dust down too (I have a lot of concrete dust develop from my efforts at pouring a slab).

    I am very pleased with how it is working as a floor covering on a number of different levels, and also that it is a solid rubber sheet, rather than what a lot of other brands seem to be where there are holes all through it (I guess to save on materials), which would be somewhere for all the sawdust to gather (then get to know one another, have parties, and breed).

    The Aldi floor mat is proving to be a great (and low cost) solution as a floor covering.

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