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  1. I find it hard to understand why anyone would have any drill bits that were blunt. Surely it is easy enough to sharpen them by hand on a grinding wheel? In fact, the procedure you used to clean up the bevels on the other wheel is exactly the same as it needed to sharpen a bit on a grinding wheel. Admittedly only the primary bevel can be confidently sharpened, but that’s the way the bits are supplied when new. I’ve been sharpening bits by hand on a grinding wheel for at least thirty years, and it takes about thirty seconds per bit tops.

    • To each his own – I personally don’t bring any of my edged tools anywhere near the bench grinder (except the axe before I got the Tormek, and the spade). Not saying that others can’t get a good job with a deft touch, but I’m more likely to blue the steel than sharpen it. Thus the water cooled process suits me to a tee.

  2. What is causing my primary facet to be well short, not flat

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