Ear Defenders

I was heading off to a safety shop that I knew about in Dandenong to get some new ear defenders, but happened to see another safety store called Alert Safety on the way, so thought I’d check out their offerings.

They don’t stock the ear defenders I like (Peltor), but just so happened to have 2 pairs of them from an order a customer made who had changed his mind.

Last time I looked, these were meant to be in the $60 bracket, but turns out not everything goes up with inflation, and they were $35.50 each.  So I bought both.

I’m always misplacing my ear defenders, so having 2 pairs, with a dedicated home at either end of the workshop, I might actually have a hope of laying my hands on them when I want them.  And it means I have a spare for shed visitors (such a common occurrence…..)

The specific pair I got was the H7A, otherwise called the Optime 5 (designed for conditions up to 110dB).  They are an excellent defender, comfortable, with excellent low and high frequency attenuation.  The H7A don’t fold up unfortunately, (the H7F do), but in the workshop, that isn’t particularly important, so these will be perfect.

Peltor H7A Ear Defenders

I still can’t get over how much the price has dropped – there is no excuse not to have exceptional quality hearing protection now!

I used to use the Peltors in the boiler room of the steam-powered ships in the Navy when I served on them – they were excellent then (and comfortable for the whole 4 hour shift in 110dB conditions), so more than adequate for my workshop.

They may offer more protection than I need in my shop, but considering the price, why not have something able to do a superior job.

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