Speaking of Useless

I know I shouldn’t make impromptu purchases from Bunnings, but sometimes you do so anyway with an expectation that the manufacturer can’t completely balls up their materials choices, or produce something that simply does not work.  Bunnings wouldn’t sell it then surely.

Wrong. Again.

FWIW, it is meant to be an extractor set, but it looks like it is made from mild steel.

I’ll be gifting this set (almost unused) to the next person that really gets my wick. Someone really terrible 😉

Lighting the Scene

I’ve been blatantly ignoring image quality on this site, well as much as I can anyway – I have typically wanted photos documenting what I am talking about, rather than scrapping photos because they don’t make the grade. Some other sites put a huge amount of emphasis on the absolute quality of every aspect of their content, and I have full respect for them – their sites do look superb. However if I set my standards that high, I may never get anything posted. I do know how to take a photo fwiw, so that makes it difficult ignoring that I am using imperfect images.

But even so, I had a moment recently where I just decided to do something to try to get a better result, so have invested in a light tent (haven’t actually used it yet!)….. (without the various strobes surrounding it however!)

Light Tent

And I was initially interested in an on-camera setup that I have recently become awareness from Gary Fong – a Lightsphere which mounts directly on the flash.


My interest lasted as long as the first set of photos I took with the device.  I have no idea how it achieves the results it does – it actually makes the result worse than using an on-camera flash, pointed directly at the subject.  Needless to say it will be getting returned first thing on Monday.  At $85 (for what is a cone of plastic after all), sold by an apparently respected photographer, I was expecting it to be brilliant, not bullshite. Guess not.

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