You CAN’T be serious!?!

But yes, I’m making yet another alteration the the shed layout.  I was wondering if it would have to be a major change- moving the entire Torque Workcentre from one end of the shed to the other, but I think I’ve gotten away with a compromise.

This change has nothing to do with improving the layout for shed function, but for Stu’s Shed, and for video production.  Basically, I couldn’t get a particularly good angle on the Torque Workcentre, without the main support arm blocking the view.  I really need a video studio, but that is just not going to happen.

A small compromise was in order, and in the end it was achieved easier than I expected.  By moving the router table to the other end of the Torque bench, dropping the MDF top down to the original designed level and moving the entire unit a foot or so closer to the bandsaw, I was able to get a good location for the tripod and camera, and the router table functionality wasn’t compromised.  I’ve lost a little working range of the Torque, but that is just something I have to live with.  (And given how much range I had, it wasn’t a big sacrifice).  I cut down the rear aluminium track (by the width of the router table), and was therefore able to add the stops and fences, so the TWC could be used as it was originally designed.

I still have a feeling that the storage unit up one end of the shed is going to find itself height challenged as it gets cut down to fit under the Torque, providing storage shelving, and leaving the north wall empty.  This will allow the Walko to become wall mounted when desired, and open up that end of the shed more, or at least allow some of the homeless tools a bit of wall-side storage, including the Festool Systainered tools (did I just invent a new word there?), and the Router Master, currently in the shed for some operation videos.  In the long term it will potentially have a circular saw mounted to provide a 600mm cutoff saw. Unless I manage to acquire a Kapex…..

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