The Tasklist goes ever on and on

The Tasklist goes ever on and on
Down in the shed where it began.
Now ever longer the lists have grown,
And I must get them done, if I can,
Pursuing them with enthusiasm
Until the shed becomes ever refined
And as any other tool, sharp and sure
And whither then? More tasks I say.

As the shed regains some control over the force of entropy, it becomes easier to see what tasks are still to do.

Moving a storage unit, mounting the Walko, finishing the hall table, cutting and jointing up a new work surface ready for vice mounting, relocating a bandsaw, finding easily accessed homes for the sanding units (2 in one, spindle). Just a day’s work isn’t it?

There is a whole swag of jobs lining up behind this lot, but now it isn’t so much the light at the end of the tunnel, but that there isn’t the constant jockeying of tools – moving one out of the way just to be able to use another. If you’ve never really experienced a tight setup where that is constantly required, you wouldn’t get just how frustrating it is. So getting the shed back to a point where that isn’t necessary is a significant improvement.

As to the above prose, for some reason a poem of JRR Tolkein came to mind as I was thinking about the next steps required out there (and the ones after that, and the ones after that). As Tolkein said “The Road goes ever on and on”.

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