The Engineer’s Bible

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned the Engineering Bible on Stu’s Shed – back mid ’09 it made an appearance – a book that I have wanted to own since first discovering it in 1997/8, but refused to justify the $A200 price tag.  For some reason I jumped on Amazon recently, and found it on there for $US107 (and at current exchange rates, that is $A112).

And that went straight into the shopping cart. (Along with the latest Stephen Hawking,

and perhaps as an unusual juxtaposition, the Lincoln-Obama Inaugural Bible.  Seemed fitting buying a real bible with the Engineer’s one!

But more than that, there is history there, and it is beautifully presented, and has a picture of the Seal of the President of the United States on the cover, and is $US100 (except on the day I was looking).  I got it for $US4.75. Brand new. No idea why it was that price. Wasn’t going to ask.)

So back to the “Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations”.  Not much more to say, but I am now holding my own copy. Finally. 🙂

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