Only your imagination

I was having a chat with Dennis today in Carbatec, (who also has a Torque Workcentre), and once we started talking about different ways to make use of the machine, the ideas just kept coming.

From a different method for supporting the support arm (allowing a longer outfeed arm to be used without support at the very end of the arm), through to different tools that can be mounted to it.

His latest trick has been to mount a biscuit cutter to the Torque Workcentre and apparently it is a very effective.

Dennis' Biscuit Jointer

Especially using the built-in stops of the TWC for repeatable positioning of the biscuit slots.

So my thought was – if it is good enough for a biscuit, why not a Domino? Think there is definite merit in being able to do so, particularly for large production runs, for example dominoing shelves for a bookcase (for example).  The side panels could have loose tenon slots (mortises) cut use the stops to produce the left and right slots very simply.

Mock-up of Domino on the TWC

A couple of tapped holes in the base of the Domino used to mount accessories look also quite suitable for mounting to the TWC. They are not subjected to any more loading than normal Domino operation, with the plunge on the TWC used to bring the Domino in contact with the workpiece before the original plunge method of the Domino used to cut the mortise.

Mounting holes

Yet another accessory for the TWC that may become available in the very near future!

Thanks for the idea Dennis!

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