Byzantium’s Shores

Found an unusual link name in the list of where some readers had arrived at Stu’s Shed from yesterday, and found myself beached on the shores of Byzantium.  (Byzantium is a version of the name Byzanthion, which today is called Istambul).  But I think that is a little off-track from that blog-author’s intent, seeing as the main picture is of the Millennium Falcon escaping the destruction of the original Death Star!

Anyway – it was nice to see that Stu’s Shed is listed in the links (that is called “The Voices of Byzantium”) and the imaginative titles to each section such as “The Children of Copernicus” for those based on science content, “The Temple Mosaicists” for visual blogs/websites (I really need to get Stu’s Darkroom blog going again!), and “Artisans and Guildsfolk” where Stu’s Shed makes an unexpected appearance.  Oh, and not forgetting “The Wearers of the Sacred Garment” dedicated to bloggers who wear overalls.

Anyway, “Gidday” to Kelly (or his online persona “jaquandor”)

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