Some days

You’d be better off away from the shed.  At least that was the issue for me this morning!  Went to do some video, but it was raining where I wanted to do it, and inside the shed the noise was way too loud.  There really must be something in it that either I go to video and it rains, or it rains so I feel an insatiable urge to make a monkey out of myself on camera!

So decided to try out a jig prototype, and the sander wouldn’t fit, then it wouldn’t stay in place because of a vibration, then it wouldn’t stay coupled to the dust extraction, then it was simply so loud as to be very unpleasant (and my ear defenders have gone missing during the big shed cleanup.)  So with my ears telling me enough was enough, I trundled back into the house defeated.

At least one good thing came out of it all, I decided it was time for a hearing protection upgrade (as all my old defenders have either gone missing, or have worn out) and so……… (to be continued)

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