Need I say more?

At least it is only the Chinese version

Wonder if the original Aussie Triton will still make an appearance?

When I first saw this (Bunnies cattledog), I must admit feeling more disappointment over another lost icon, but then a thought did occur – this probably doesn’t affect the original Triton design, and so I live in hope that it will return to the Aussie market, still under the original brand.  After all, when I had both, I consciously chose to part company with the Chinese SuperJaws in preference for my two Aussie ones (and the one Worx Pro/US Rockwell JawHorse).

You have to ask however, how does Ryobi and Ozito manage to continue to survive, when GMC couldn’t, taking Triton down with it?

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  1. GMC died because Bunnings stopped stocking their products – I believe it was about 70% of their market lost overnight. If Ozito and Ryobi manage to stay in Bunnies’ good books, they have the opposite – a virtually guaranteed market. Whether Bunnies dropped GMC because of unacceptable return rates (one account I’ve heard), or whether it was because they were able to screw better product margins out of Ozito and Ryobi, or whether someone’s married to (or sleeping with) someone else, or whether there’s some other reason will possibly never be known.

    • GMC was dying long before that. Finally having the GMC trucks turned away from Bunnings was pretty much the final straw (I was doing a Triton demonstration the night it happened), but there is a lot more to the story than just Bunnings finally pulling the pin.

      Return rates were only part of the issue, and that there would be lots of returns was expected, so it wasn’t product quality specifically that was the issue either.

  2. I have seen the Ryobi Superjaws in the wild at Cranbourne Bunnings. I have emailed photos

  3. […] Check out Stu's site for more information on the Superjaw clone from Ryobi and Ozito __________________ Regards Geoff […]

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