Last Minute Xmas Idea

If you are anything like me, around this time of year you start getting ‘nagged’ by your nearest and dearest (in a well-meaning way) for what you’d really like as a present.  And if you are really like me, coming up with an answer is excruciatingly difficult.

So here’s one for you: a Gifkins Dovetail Jig.

I have one, and I don’t get to use it as much as I’d like, which just goes to demonstrate my next statement.  This is the easiest dovetail jig out there, bar none.  The last time I used it was over 6 months ago, and yet after one test cut to check I still knew how to use it (and check calibration), I was able to accurately cut all the dovetails I needed for a box I needed to make.

No reading a manual (there is one (somewhere)), no requirement for test cut after test cut. Just size the sides and cut the dovetails, and have them come out perfectly.

I’ll document the process better in a later article – what I have been doing with it has been a bit of a rush, and I don’t want to prematurely reveal anything (to the recipient that is!)

I was just reminded just how good the Gifkins was, having to use it for the current project.

I have tried handcutting, bandsawn, Incra, Leigh, Jet, and Gifkins.  For ease of use, particularly if you, like me, don’t dovetail often enough to remember process from one time to the next, the Gifkins jig is the one I turn to when I need results.

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