Inventions that shaped modern woodworking

I received a book for christmas that I thought was going to be a very interesting read, but didn’t expect that it would be specifically relevant to woodworking.  The book is “1001 Inventions that Changed the World”.  I was flicking through and reading random entries and found one that looked rather familiar around 1808 – the invention of the bandsaw.

William Newberry's Bandsaw

It took almost 40 years before the invention was actually utilised – it was obviously a great idea, but a lot of development in materials engineering and specifically welding engineering before a blade of suitable strength could be constructed to withstand the forces involved.

The book is full of inventions- some that have directly lead to tools in my workshop, and others that have created new engineering directions that have lead to current tools.

The saw, for example dates back to 2000 BCE, whereas the circular saw didn’t come into being until 1777 CE.

There is also another set of inventions that are specifically relevant – those that have resulted in the existence of the whole blog & podcast environments.

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