Santa Claus is Coming

He’s not very far away. According to my iPhone Map, he’s somewhere around Suva now.

Not much to add tonight, other than wishing everyone a happy, safe and Merry Christmas!

Hope your tree is heavily propped up with you favourite choice of tools, and more importantly that you have a great day with your loved ones (especially those that are young).

Santa will likely have a sore head leaving here- with a generous tipple of 100 proof whiskey, a mince tart, and carrots and milk for the reindeer. Hope it doesn’t slow him down too much before getting to the rest of the world. (Almost) 3yr olds are fun 🙂

Got a text tonight from one of the families from the Mother’s Group who commissioned one of the kitchens including this photo of their finished kitchen. Hope their daughter has a lot of fun with it!

To all the companies who have been involved with Stu’s Shed, my family who supports me in this obsession, and most importantly to you, my constant reader, a very Merry Christmas!

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