Christmas Presents

Come Christmas time, there is one request I get which is becoming harder and harder to answer.  No, it isn’t “can you make this present for me to give to ‘X'” or variations of.  It is “What do you want for Christmas?”  (And given I have a birthday on almost the same day (and this year is my 40th) it is twice as hard).

I dunno!  Everything that I can come up with to go on a wish list is either well over budget, or will add to my ever-growing collection of DVDs! (Or would have to be purchased overseas, and that means it is about 6 months too late to be asking – living ‘down under’ does have some disadvantages).

So how do you answer that question?  Do you get asked?  What sort of things do you have on your wish list? (And it doesn’t have to be woodworking, or even shed-related!)

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