Some Final Kitchen Photos

These are the last photos I took before the kitchens were delivered to their new homes.  When the painting is finished (by the new owners) I hope to get some of them in their finished state (might be Xmas day photos, given how much time is available to them to get the paint jobs finished!)

Modelling the new kitchen!

Points to note- the handle of the oven is designed to rest on the ground, to provide the door some extra support if stood on.  The hinges are screwed into solid timber, not MDF, to give them greater strength.  The door is still MDF, so if anything fails, it will be the hinges in the door, or more likely the door itself.  These units are build strong (I accidentally dropped one at one point, with no damage to the unit at all.  Try doing that with a shop-purchased unit!), but I still design them with a plan for likely points of failure, and ease of repair or replacement.

Fridge doubles as toy storage

The Final Units

Need I say more?

At least it is only the Chinese version

Wonder if the original Aussie Triton will still make an appearance?

When I first saw this (Bunnies cattledog), I must admit feeling more disappointment over another lost icon, but then a thought did occur – this probably doesn’t affect the original Triton design, and so I live in hope that it will return to the Aussie market, still under the original brand.  After all, when I had both, I consciously chose to part company with the Chinese SuperJaws in preference for my two Aussie ones (and the one Worx Pro/US Rockwell JawHorse).

You have to ask however, how does Ryobi and Ozito manage to continue to survive, when GMC couldn’t, taking Triton down with it?

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