Pushing Through

It has been quite a busy couple of days, and around 11pm tonight I put a couple of projects to bed that I was hoping to do this year, but thought they would end up being completed some time next year.  I’m not going to reveal much detail now – wouldn’t want certain people reading my website and seeing what will be under the wrapping in a couple of days!

So in other news, the WALKO clamp shipment has finally cleared customs and are available for purchase from Ideal Tools.  The next upgrade to my Torque Workbench can now occur – drilling a matrix of holes for the WALKOs.

Still having no luck with couriers – another courier company has completely lost a large parcel for me from Queensland, and apparently have no ability to find it- even going as far as claiming they only had my word that it was sent, and it was my problem to ring their Queensland branch to try to track it.  In the end, they’ve concluded they have completely lost the parcel, and any record it even existed. Quality “Fast” customer service.

Still, I’ve enjoyed some shed time, despite the temperature.  It was 40 degrees C in there today, and even at 11pm it was still around 30C (104F and 86F) – must have lost a couple of kg in that sauna!

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