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This info posted on the Australian Wood Forums today, and it is some very good news for Triton aficionados, especially if you have been desperate for spares.  Sorry I couldn’t reveal this any earlier, but you can understand how things need to be kept under wraps until the ink has dried.  But it is in the public domain now, so finally things can move forward once again.

Carba-Tec exclusive distributor of Triton from Jan 2010

Carba-Tec Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading supplier of quality woodworking tools and machinery, is pleased to announce that it has been appointed to be the exclusive distributor of Triton® Power Tools and Accessories in Australia and New Zealand effective January 1, 2010.

We are well acquainted with Triton’s singular reputation both here and abroad, having seen it spring from an Aussie invention into a world-renowned range of power tools and accessories. The Triton brand is one of the most recognised icons in the local woodworking and DIY industry and we are excited about incorporating it into our own range of tools and equipment.

We’re also aware that there is a great deal demand for the product. So to answer some of your questions in advance, here’s a brief summary of our current status and an overview of our plans to re-launch Triton in Australia and New Zealand.

Stock Availability

At this point, none of the Carba-Tec stores in Australia have stock of Triton tools, however we have placed orders and we expect delivery between late February and early April 2010. Early in 2010 we’ll be posting our core Triton range on our website at where it will be available for secure shopping and pre-ordering. We will fill any pre-orders as soon as stock becomes available.

We will also be equipping all of our Carba-Tec stores with Triton in-store displays and our sales staff will be on hand to provide you sound, personal service.

Core Range

The following products will comprise our core Triton product range.

  • Work centre 2000
  • Work centre Dust bag
  • Bevel Ripping Guide
  • Chassis Upgrade and Height Winders
  • Router Table
  • Router Stand
  • Finger Joiner
  • Biscuit Joiner
  • Jigsaw Kit
  • 3-1/4HP Router
  • 3-1/4HP 235mm Power Saw

We will be adding additional products to the range in due course.

Spare Parts and Service

We have a number of spare parts on order for Triton power tools and for the Triton Workcentre / Router Table. Selected spare parts should be available by mid to late January 2010 and there will be follow-up shipments coming soon after the initial one.

We will be unable to support any warranty claims for goods sold prior to January 1, 2010, nor will we be able to honour warranty claims for goods not purchased through Carba-Tec stores. We will, however, be happy to assist you in identifying your problem and will supply any spare parts necessary to rectify the problem.

Dealers and Additional Support

We also plan to distribute the product through selected independent retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand. The details of this arrangement are still being worked out and we will not be able to provide a list of approved dealers until February to March 2010.

We have also set up a dedicated email address that will allow you to direct your enquiry to the appropriate Triton support department. Please feel free to email your enquiries to so we can attend to your needs.

Looking Forward to Triton in 2010!

The Triton brand has been built on the quality of its products and the constant support of its owners and users around the globe. We certainly hope that this understanding and support will continue with our new venture and that the prospect of seeing Triton back on top – where it belongs – is as exciting to you as it is to us.

We wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year Season.

The Managers

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