Two Xmas Emails

These two emails arrived in my inbox this week, thought they were worth sharing!


The first from Ideal Tools which is a whole bunch of fun Festool stuff they are giving away that you can choose from if you buy a Festool present for someone this Xmas (as if simply owning a Festool wasn’t enough – they are awesome tools, that I am very fortunate to have some of (and no, I don’t get paid anything to say that), and yes, I know they are expensive, and yes, I know I will get comments contradicting my opinion, but so be it, I stand by the tools). And yes, I still want more Festool in my workshop! I still have my eye on the 1400W router, and the Kapex!

Ideal Tools also sell Tormek, and are currently offering 10% discount on everything Tormek until the 14/12/11 (that is this Wednesday coming), which includes the lifetime of free replacement wheels on the T7.

The other email I got was a clever one from SawStop


Yes, that would be a very cool Xmas tree!

2 Responses

  1. Have you seen Bosch’s new ‘gliding’ mitre saw? It’s almost as dear as the Kapex (in the UK, at least) but I wonder if it’s worth considering, as nice as Festool tools are?

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