The Ozone

I’ve been down to Indented Head for a few days break, and had a bit of a look at the Ozone while there. It was a paddle steamer that was beached as a breakwater for the local beach, but skewed around on the sandbank while being placed and couldn’t be repositioned. A few years later it was burned (I guess every decade has its share of losers), which is a shame for seeing how long it would have survived otherwise.

One of the two wheels has collapsed and gone, the other looks in a bad way as well.


As seen in better days, it was a wooden, twin wheel, steam powered paddle steamer.



After its beaching, it had (and still has) a significant presence. It is close to shore – a stone’s throw (depending on your arm!), so would have been quite a sight early on.

As it is today:





I’ve always been interested in wrecks, and when heavily involved in diving I used to go far and wide to find them, including dives in Melbourne, Darwin, even the Red Sea on a dive boat running out of Egypt.

Dives were anywhere from a few metres down to around 50 metres, and included penetration dives on J class submarines (WWI) and the Rainbow Warrior. It has been a while since I went wreck diving, but each have been pretty memorable. Whether it was on the dive when the bell for the Eliza Ramsden was found, running head on into a shark in very low visibility, ‘standing’ on the hull of a submarine 30 metres below the surface, or seeing coral that was the exact shape of the WWII Harley Davidson motorcycles that had been on the deck of the suppy ship that had sunk in Darwin harbour (all the while dodging some rather curious and mean barracuda).



So forgive my little diversion while I recharged (if only a little) in preparation for the onslaught of the new year.

I plan (optimisitically) to return to consistent daily posts for 2012, so energy, motivation, content, and support of both readers and the woodworking industry will all be important factors to achieve that.

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