Another Day, Another Demo

Had another guest around the other night to have a look at my Torque Workcentre.  It’s always fun slowly winding up the demo, getting them off guard, then smack em with capability after capability, feature after feature.

There is a particular look they get when they start taking what they have seen and start coming up with their own solutions to problems they didn’t realise existed, until the solution was thrust in front of them!

It’s always fun demonstrating a machine that actually justifies the interest. And being able to say that no, I’m not trying to sell a machine by doing this demo – I have no vested interest in whether you buy one or not.  But I know after I’ve demo’ed it to you, I know you’ll get one anyway!

Other than that, I really haven’t been able to get out to the shed recently – for some people, it is a winding-down time approaching Christmas.  Mine is the opposite, and I basically fall across the finish line at the end.

Fortunately, that finish line I’m stumbling towards is tomorrow! Sure looking forward to knocking off a number of projects I have sitting there just waiting for some attention 😉




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