Return of the Living Tool List

As the website has grown and changed over the years, there have been some dead ends and casualties of web pages along the way.  But web pages on this site tend not to die, but instead get hidden away in the depths for the possibility of a future resurection.

One particular page didn’t drop off because of a failure of concept, but simply because the page became too unweildy, and I wasn’t keeping it as up to date as I was prepared to accept at the time.  However, as a page it was popular and it was very useful (including to me!), so it is time for it to get dusted off and returned to the live arena.

That page, as seen on the tab bar at the top of the site, is the “Tools” page, which lists all the tools that have been covered at one stage or another on here, either in articles, videos or both.

There is a lot of cleaning up that has to occur, let alone updating.  But rather than keeping it in the dark until it is perfect, the page is again live and I will try to update it as quickly as possible.  I will modify the concept slightly – rather than trying to reference every single article, it will point to the most prominent.  The site’s search engine will still remain a useful tool if you are wanting to get the full scope of how a tool is being featured, and used in the shed on an ongoing basis.

So there you go.  If you have suggestions for how the page can be improved, made more relevant and useful, let me know!

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