When I was first introduced to the Torque workcentre, one of the thoughts that crossed my mind about this overhead routing platform, was whether it could in some way be used with a Spirograph.

So I went looking for a set. After failing on a number of avenues (and not bothering to head down the eBay route), I put the idea aside.

That is until looking through a toy catalogue at the local kinder, and found the Chinese had reinvented the concept, designed to be used with sidewalk chalk (www.artkids.cn). I did try to find the set on their site, but failed fwiw.

For a massive $12, I got this:

A super-sized spirograph set, with a massive 25″ main wheel, and three tracing wheels.

Looks immediately ready for conversion to be used with a router!

I will have to play a bit to see if it is viable. Interesting times! Irrespective, I can’t imagine a more perfect version of the original, to such a scale as to be perfect for a router or high speed rotary tool.

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