Two Xmas Emails

These two emails arrived in my inbox this week, thought they were worth sharing!


The first from Ideal Tools which is a whole bunch of fun Festool stuff they are giving away that you can choose from if you buy a Festool present for someone this Xmas (as if simply owning a Festool wasn’t enough – they are awesome tools, that I am very fortunate to have some of (and no, I don’t get paid anything to say that), and yes, I know they are expensive, and yes, I know I will get comments contradicting my opinion, but so be it, I stand by the tools). And yes, I still want more Festool in my workshop! I still have my eye on the 1400W router, and the Kapex!

Ideal Tools also sell Tormek, and are currently offering 10% discount on everything Tormek until the 14/12/11 (that is this Wednesday coming), which includes the lifetime of free replacement wheels on the T7.

The other email I got was a clever one from SawStop


Yes, that would be a very cool Xmas tree!

The world according to Stu’s Shed visitors





South America



(and this isn’t even 1 year’s worth of visitors!)
Welcome, to the world according to Stu 🙂

Are you sure my readers are not worth reaching out to? Give-aways, quality tools being seen used and reviewed? The map of Australia alone represents over 180,000 individual visits/year. Compare that to magazine readership for quantity of audience, and reach.

To my constant readers- these maps blow my mind- seriously. Without the amazing support you give by regularly visiting to read what is on offer, this site would have faded away years ago. You are, simply by visiting, the reason Stu’s Shed still exists.

Wooden Air Engine

Stunningly simple and amazingly effective. (Cheers Michael for finding this video)

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