On the first day of Christmas

Holidays, my shed bought to me
A day of one on one instruction using Robbo’s machinery (you have to sing it fast to fit it all in!)

I don’t have any photos- this was very much a time to be hands-on, learning and questioning.

You can watch a DVD for an hour or two, and feel like you have quite an understanding of all main topics about woodturning, including sharpening, gouges, skews, spindles, bowls, vases, boxes, threads, lids etc. Or you can spend 8 hours with Robbo and feel like you have only just touched the surface of a few of these topics. One is infotainment, the other is serious instruction, given by Robbo in his down to earth, patient, humerous style and with his many years of professional experience backing it all up. (Thanks Robbo, the day was very much appreciated).

Now Robbo hasn’t asked for, or expects me to mention this, but it is always useful to know that there are still professional woodturners out there, and this one comes recommended!

Ian ‘Robbo’ Robertson’s company is Cobb & Co Woodturning in Tooradin, Victoria. Some photos of him in action on a huge job for the University of Sydney, on his 13m lathe can be found here

Cobb & Co Woodturning
2 Bayview Road, Toradin, Victoria. 3980. Australia.
Phone: 03 5998-3614 Fax: 03 5998 3074
E-mail: ozwoodturner@bigpond.com

He specialises in large turnings, architectual turnings, one-off jobs and copy turning.

Now you may never need to know a professional woodturner, but then I bet there have actually been plenty of times one would have been useful. When building our carport, I wanted one of the support poles at the front of the house to match those there already (Federation style house). The builder couldn’t get one to match, but someone like Robbo could produce one to match perfectly as a one-off easily. (Thinking about it, the existing poles are starting to age badly, and will need replacing one day- not a problem once you have a professional turner in your contacts!)

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