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  1. Just promise that, like the fire extinguisher, you will never have to use the saw-stop in earnest.

  2. Hi Stu
    Bet that must have felt good to finally put the beast together. Are you planning to put the manufacturer’s mobile base on at some time in the future?, not that I think you would be too keen to dismantle/reassemble and recalibrate again. I only ask as, the after market base you’re using didn’t seem to be as stable as you would normally be happy with. I can’t wait for you to start making sawdust! – 🙂

    • That is a big 10-4 rubber ducky (or just ‘definite’ for those not familiar with the movie “Convoy” from the ’70s). That mobile base was doing a superb Bill Haley impersonation the entire video (Shake, Rattle & Roll). Not that it even does the roll bit as well as you’d like.

      The machine sure looks good sittin’ there in the workshop. Be even better when I start using it!

  3. Great machine, just wondering if you would have the time to pop over and assemble mine….

  4. Hey Stu, I.m getting ready to order a PCS Sawstop and was wondering what type of magnet were you using to help attach the cast iron aprons? I would like to give it a try. Thanks.

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