Protool becomes Festool

This is old news for some I am sure, but Protool and Festool have combined, and the Protool brand has been absorbed.  In one way, this is kind of confusing, seeing as the two brands were really one anyway under the Tooltechnic banner – at least from an outsiders perspective!

The company used the Festool brand for more woodworking type applications, and Protool for other contractor tools (concrete cutters and grinders, heavy-duty drills and other heavier duty products).  They have decided to combine these under the single Festool brand banner.  It means the Protool tools will receive a makeover, becoming the classic Festool dark blue and green, and it won’t be possible to say definitively that all Festool is made in Germany (a few of the Protool range are not), but it will end the “when is a Festool not a Festool” question (as in “when it is a Protool”).  So what does this all really mean?  Not a lot to be honest, just means if you are a fan of Festool (or have been sorely tempted by their range), as far as the Festool branding (and green/blue coloured tools), that range is getting bigger.


One of the early cab-off-the-ranks is the SwordSaw



And many other products in the Protool range will be receiving the same treatment.

I know not everyone is into Festool products- to each his own.  What I can I say – quality is addictive!




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