Had a crack at taping insulation to the inside of the shed doors, from leftover offcuts.

I also placed a sheet up against the window, just as the sun was belting against the northern face.

I’m sure it is just my imagination, but it seemed to make a real difference! As an added bonus, the doors became significantly quieter when they closed- removed the tinny rattle. I only did the 2 doors affected by the sun, but will now do the south-facing door as well for the noise benefit.


Went right through the builders’ rubbish pile they left behind, and scavenged quite a bit of insulation it seems. I’m hoping enough to have a fair crack at the roller door.

Before spending time (and tape), I will take one of the longest bits, tack it on and check the function of the roller door isn’t impeded.

Job for another day though- too many other things on the to do list!

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