Shed #2

It would be perfectly understandable if it has slipped from the collective mind, but there is a second shed on the property, that turned up late August last year.

At the time, it was a choice between taking out a space at one of the storage places (at $152/month), or buying a 2×2 shed for $360.  I went for the shed.

Since the shed was finally emptied on Sunday, I can finally do a cost-benefit analysis on that decision.


And I still have the shed at the end of it all!  So over the weekend just past, it was (mostly) emptied, taken apart, then relocated to its new, permanent home behind the workshop.

Photo 11-02-2014 21 33 19

It looks rather small up against the workshop – a very poor cousin.  After having seen how a ‘real’ shed is constructed, it is amazing how crappy these small sheds are.  Basically held together with a slight interference between a half-turn of thread on the screw, and the thin steel wall.  No real structural integrity, ready to blow over with the force of a sparrow fart.

Yes, it serves a purpose, and it has saved me a lot of storage fees, but it also makes me very appreciative of the real build quality of the workshop beside it.

Now it is in its final location, I again wanted to address the flooring issue.  If I went with the designed solution (steel subframe, and yellowtongue floor), it would cost $280.  Meh.

Had a bit of a look around Masters, and found the scrap timber bin, with what looked to be a bunch (10) 2.4m long treated pine 4x2s.  Marked as $1.  Asked to confirm it was treated, and if the price was right, and was told they were just wanting to be rid of it, so the price was $0.  Done deal!

Photo 11-02-2014 21 31 44Sure it has some real bends and twists, but nothing that will be a problem as a subframe for the shed floor.  And the price was right!

And then they offered some packer boards for 10 times the price, so I snapped those up as well.

Photo 11-02-2014 21 31 52

Sure they are MDF, so will not last well in the long term, but I’ll put some silver paper down underneath so it will last a little better, and again, at that price who cares?!

This shed isn’t going to be anything for the workshop, except it will mean the workshop storage won’t have to be compromised with household items (Xmas decorations, camping gear etc)

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