Mezzanine Flooring

This will be a short update- been pouring my energy into getting things done out in the workshop over the weekend.

Today was the push to get the flooring of the mezzanine finished. And with a sigh of relief, I got there.

Sure, I still need to tape up the silverpaper, and add rows of screws into each of the beams (rather than the few tacking the floor together currently), and make the mini-walls that will seal off the mezzanine from the ground floor.

Back to the mezzanine floor for a sec- needed a couple of extra lengths of redtongue. Bloody heavy stuff- I really do not like sheet goods, despite their relatively low cost, and convenience. Gave the Gorilla Gripper a real workout, particularly lifting the sheets to the mezzanine floor. Proved its real value today.

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