Quick update on the saw.

pict7583.jpg?w=468(photo from the previous shed – Incra Express and mobile base not included)

Following are current photos:

Photo 1-02-2014 22 52 31It includes the router table insert shown here. This is one of the original router tables from Professional Woodworkers Supplies, a multilayer laminate of masonite and MDF, with tracks, and an opening for a router table insert such as the Woodpecker inserts and lifts.

Photo 1-02-2014 22 52 38

(Blade guard and miter gauge not shown).

There has been quite a bit of interest shown, so I better get on with it.  After researching the current equivalent new price for a saw of this calibre, and new vs second hand prices, I’ve determined a price around $2400 to be reasonable.

It is not being offered elsewhere (at this stage).

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