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  1. Oh man, they are quick – a slab under 3 minutes! Looks like they did top job.

  2. I was wondering who the guy in the black jumper, doing nothing, is? The site inspector? 😀

    • Oh, don’t worry – the person in the black jumper is working hard – reaching into his pocket and handing over wads of cash!

      • LOL – I suppose you’ve got a slight case of wallet strain then!!!
        You want to be careful it doesn’t get worse when the shed arrives!!! Great to see progress ramping up.

        • It will. But in time the pain will fade and the shed will remain!

          Another one to go after that – when I get power into the shed, but that will be it for the build.

  3. Is the GoPro wired into mains power? Mine goes flat after an hour or so doing time lapse.

    • Absolutely. Even if I had the battery back, there wouldn’t be enough battery life to complete the 4 hour time lapse. I was considering wiring up an external battery, and if I ever was going to do any off-site work that needed such a long period that would be the way to go.

      In this case though, extension cord to the USB transformer and the camera was quite happy to run until it ran out of storage. I was shooting at 12MP, so could fit around 8000 photos on the card – enough for about 4.75 hours at 1 exposure every 2 seconds, 11 hours at 5 seconds, or 22 hours at 1 exposure every 10 seconds.

      To get the 6 hours of this pour, I paused the camera during the 2 hour waiting period between the pour finishing and the first smoothing pass.

      With the GoPro also having wireless control and an iOS control program, I was able to monitor progress on the iPad, even though the camera was 12′ or so in the air.

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