I feel like “Little Awful Annie”

To heavily paraphrase: ” Tomorrow, Tomorrow……Tomorrow is just a day away”

Or from Banjo Paterson:

There was movement in the backyard, for the word had passed 
That the slab for the new shed was nigh,
And we were about to rend the ground.
So all the waiting has paid off, we are about to see,
Physical work commencing, and boxing to begin 
Then a slurry of concrete poured, north of the tree
Before the shed itself arrives,
And what a day that'll be

Shed.TV cleanup

There may not have been too much activity appearing at the front end recently, but behind the scenes I have been working on a revamp of Shed.TV, given the change in hosting that is necessary, and the number of videos that have been missed from inclusion in the listings.

Last night I found over 20 videos that needed to be added, and that was just from the last 12 months! (sample screenshot below only!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.45.58 pm


It will take a bit of time, but the whole section will continue to get a make-over.

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