Powermatic & Carbatec

So as you would have gathered, tonight was the (re) launch of Powermatic in Australia by Carbatec.

That is how new tools should hit the market, not quietly sneaking in, but a good ol’ fashion launch. Good fun 🙂

Good to catch up with a friend of mine- Simon, who used to manage Carbatec Melbourne, and now CEO, Tony, Stewart and the gang who came in from Sydney, Brisbane, New Zealand and even one of the Powermatic engineers from Austria.

I haven’t talked about the machines at all, not sure how much point there is. They are the machines all others are compared to, and for good reason. Powerful, quiet, precision, the usual acronyms. This is actually the first time I’ve seen Powermatic machines actually running, and they really are fine (to coin a ’70s phrase). Marc (The Wood Whisperer) Spagnuolo’s Powermatic sponsored workshop is even more impressive than I realised. These are special machines

So Carbatec: guys, thanks for a great night, it was fun, and the catering was spot on too

Didn’t catch the catering name, but it all really added to the ambiance of the launch.

Although any of the tools would be spectacular to add to a shed setup, that Powermatic dust extractor with double pleated filters and 3hp of particularly quiet motor (remote started) would really work a treat in the new workshop. May be worth further consideration.

Look forward to the next product launch! Although you’ve set a pretty high standard here 🙂

SSYTC061 Powermatic 14″ Bandsaw

SSYTC061 Powermatic 14″ Bandsaw

SSYTC060 Powermatic PM2000

SSYTC060 Powermatic PM2000

We were not sure if this was Jarrah, but irrespective, ease of cut! (Update, we were correct, it was a dark kauri)

SSYTC059 Powermatic Thicknesser w Dust Extractor

SSYTC059 Powermatic Thicknesser w Dust Extractor

Initial photos, Powermatic Launch Melbourne



Another Day, Another Delay

20mm of expected rain. If we started preparing the site for the concrete slab today, that would equate to the rest of the yard becoming 100mm thick of mud where there would otherwise be grass. Guess I better head to my day-job instead. As least I have the Powermatic launch tonight at Carbatec to look forward to!


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