Moving heavy machines

Have started thinking about how I will actually move into the shed when it is ready (guess that means I am accepting this is finally, actually going to happen!)

Despite a number of tools having their own wheeled bases, these are only suitable for moves around the shed itself, and in the case of some machines, they don’t have that option anyway.  While moving from the previous house, the idea of pallets, and a pallet jack was up there.  I didn’t end up going that way, and paid for a removalist company to do it all for me, so any decision was deferred.

This time, I’ve decided that a pallet jack will be a particularly suitable option, and not that expensive all things considered.  The one I got from Damoli Forklift Services looks particularly robust, has dual polyurethane wheels at the end of each arm, and a large dual polyurethane wheel at the front, and has a standard 2500kg load rating (which is more than enough for the heaviest machine I have to move, by a factor of about 10!). Only rang them about it yesterday, and it was on my doorstop when I got home from work today.  Happy about that!

Photo 26-11-2013 18 46 20

It will also prove very useful when the new tablesaw arrives (a certain SawStop) which will also be palletised.

And when it comes time to move the large loads of timber from the back of the garage where it is currently stored, to its new home, the pallet jack will be given a good work out!  Think I will be utilising both the pallet jack and the winch for that move!  Now there’s a thought – wonder what would happen if I mounted the winch to the pallet jack?

I gave it a very quick try tonight, lifting the drum sander (which is now mounted on its own stand).  The jack slipped under, then with a couple of spacer blocks, picked up the sander without any problem at all.  It is only 55kg or so with stand, so only a fraction of what the jack can handle, but moving it otherwise is a pretty heavy affair for one person. Will do the same thing for the approximately 125kg Nova DVR XP lathe – again it will be a piece of cake for the jack, but a back-wrecking nightmare for me otherwise.

Added bonus – the fat polyurethane wheels run pretty well over rough ground.  Will still need to put down a track of boards or timber for it to run on – the weight when loaded would bury the jack into the backyard otherwise!

Can’t wait for moving day!

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