Episode 94 Dr Kapex

Episode 94 Dr Kapex

Testing the true depth of cut of the Festool Kapex.

Also see (briefly) the Kapex stand in action, and the Promac generator.

Ideal Tools Sale – Last Day!

Ideal Tools have a pretty awesome sale running, and it finishes TOMORROW!

And by awesome, I mean getting a SwordSaw for $999.  That may sound quite a bit still, but that is $751 off the full price.  If you want something to break down large logs, and can’t afford a mill, the SwordSaw still has a huge 330mm depth of cut.

zoom_06_isp330eb_765331_p_01a-600x600That is for the ISP300.  The SSP200 is also $999 if you prefer the shorter blade (still with a 200mm depth of cut).  As seen demonstrated by me on the Torque Workcentre (and as seen in the Stu’s Shed banner above – unfortunately it was only a demo model that was doing the rounds 😦 )  These can both fit on the Festool Guard rail.  The smaller comes with a systainer – don’t think there is one big enough for the 300!



Next are the guide rails, either for your existing tools, or if you are planning on getting a Festool router or saw in the near(ish) future.  There is a 1400mm version, or the massive 3000mm version (obviously great for breaking down full 2400mm sheets)

Now one I have recently become quite acquainted with, the Kapex stand and extension arms.


Didn’t know too much about this (bar a few photos), but since getting it, I have become very impressed.  Not only is it great to just have a decent stand for the saw (and significant workpiece support with telescoping arms), but it all folds down into a very portable package.

8384575086_2c787114db_zThat is a stock Festool photo, so I don’t know why he has the telescoping arms slung over his shoulder – it is actually designed to rest on the base of the stand (as you’ll be able to see in a Stu’s Shed video I am currently editing)

If you have a Kapex, and not the stand, well…….

There is a whole raft of Festool and Protool tools, and accessories on sale on the Ideal Tools site.  Be careful though – once you start looking, it gets increasingly tempting!  Especially those SwordSaws!  Have always wanted one, just because they are cool, irrespective of their awesome depth of cut!

The Nova Infinity Approaches


At the recent AWFS (which I will get to one year – the US Wood show in Las Vegas), Nova got to show off their new Infinity system. This is now about to hit the shelves, at least in the US before permeating out around the world.

The Infinity system is Nova’s quick change system for chuck jaws. I have seen some other systems out there already, and frankly they looked a bit scary, especially with a bit of use, time, and wear. Nova’s system is a different kettle of fish altogether, which will be great to see in the flesh (so to speak).

If you already have some Nova chucks, you are not stuck with ‘old technology’. Existing chucks can have their sliders replaced to turn them into Infinity chucks, and existing jaws can be upgraded as well with a retro fit kit (I’ll double check that) (**Confirmed**)

Like me, you may choose to only upgrade some of your chucks, and jaws, leaving some permanently configured, given you already have them set and ready to go. Such as the Power Jaws on my Titan chuck, and a set of Cole Jaws on a SuperNova2 chuck.

If you don’t have an existing Nova chuck, or want another, there is an Infinity chuck coming out, and Infinity jaw sets to match.

Can’t wait to try them out, making jaw changes so much easier!

A temporary hiccup by Kreg

It seems the experiment by Kreg in the combo screw is over. (I sure hope that is the case)

In a comment dialogue with Kreg on facebook, where I wished they would return to the quality design of genuine Robertson square drive screws, rather than the Phillips/Robertson bastard son of bad engineering, they gave me this response.

We actually did return to the square-drive style head. They’ve been in circulation for quite a while. Dealers may still have a stock of the combo-style head, depending on when and how many they ordered. When you are ready to purchase screws again, you might want to check their inventory. If you can’t find the style you want at your local dealer, they are available direct from us, as well: http://www.kregtool.com/PocketHole-Screws-and-Plugs-Prodlist.html

I will be very relieved if/when that proves to be correct. ***Update*** the latest boxes of screws in Carbatec confirm – the combo head is history!

The Return of Powermatic Down Under, and a Stu’s Shed exclusive offer

Yes, it is true.  Powermatic, one of the well recognised gold standards of woodworking machines that others get compared to, is returning to Australian shores.

What is more, that as a Stu’s Shed reader, you have been given the unique opportunity to attend the product launch. 
Now before you decide to pass it by, there is a door prize, and more importantly, plenty of catering!
The door prize is only likely to be a Powermatic bandsaw or similar from the range, but don’t let that sway you.  Free food!

Of course, if you don’t come to the Melbourne release, more chance for me 🙂


I don’t have any Powermatic machines in my workshop……yet! 😉   MMmmmmmm Powermatic.

Details are:

Mon Nov 11th Brisbane Store 5:30 Start
Tues Nov 12th Sydney Store 5:30 Start
Wed Nov 13th Melb Store 5:30 Start

Refreshments and Drinks provided
Lucky Door Prize in every store – drawn on the night – (winner must be in attendance)
Substantial and exclusive offers on the night.
Powermatic and CT staff on hand to answer questions
Dancing Girls……sorry……..NO dancing girls. (Note from Stu – who needs dancing girls, there is tool porn!)

RSVP is essential (for catering etc) by 1st November

If interested….attendees MUST make contact with Carba-Tec via:  marketing@carbatec.com.au

Be in quick – once the places are full, that is it.  And you cannot just rock up on the night – entry by invite only.




Checking on Timelines

My current best guesstimate, which is tracking closer to the original worst case scenario.

Getting dates to firmly lock in is difficult.  I am really uncomfortable with anything running into December – way too easy for timelines to blow it out by a few days, pushing the project straight to mid Jan.

This perpetual waiting (and uncertainty over dates particularly) is driving me crazy. Through work, I am used to managing projects many, many times the size of this one (10x – 80x) and having each stage nailed down to within a day, even from 6 months or more out.  This project is a completely different ball game.

Project Stage Previous Worst Case Latest Guesstimate
Building Permit 11 Oct – 1 Nov 11 Oct – 30 Oct
Order Concrete 1 Nov 1 Nov
Order Shed 9 Oct 9 Oct
Shed Manufacture 9 Oct – 20 Nov 9 Oct – 20 Nov
Clear Out & Remove Shed 19 Oct – 20 Oct 3 Nov – 10 Nov
Order Skip 11 Nov 6 Nov
Block Clearance 18 Nov – 19 Nov 15 Nov
Casting Slab 20 Nov – 21 Nov 16 Nov
Shed Arrival 21 Nov 21 Nov
Lead Time for Assembly 21 Nov – 8 Dec 21 Nov – 1 Dec
Shed Assembly 9 Dec – 16 Dec 2 Dec – 6 Dec

Dr Festool Kapex

The DOC for the Kapex 120 is listed at 88mm for a standard cut, and although this is theoretically correct for a board the full 305mm wide, what if the board isn’t that wide?

Then the depth of cut (DOC 😉 ) jumps right up.  After a quick test, it cut through a 90×90 without even getting close to its capacity.  100×100 looks very possible, but I didn’t have a piece to hand to try (yet).

One way or another, 88mm is a significant underestimation when the board is less than the maximum 305mm wide.

SSYTC058 Profile Pro on the C26 Genius

Another tool I got to play with at the wood show was the C26 Genius, a MiniMax combo– again from Gabbett Machinery.

Trying out the Amana Tool Profile Pro from Toolstoday.com, with a rebate cutter, then one of the profile cutters.

Photos are in an earlier post, but you can’t really see just how smooth the finish was, straight off the tool.

Cutters were changed without having to remove the cutter block from the spindle moulder – very easy system that positively aligns, and restrains the blades in the cutter block.

The starter set comes with 7 different profiles (including a straight rebate), but there are 137(!!!) different profiles to choose from for this cutter block, many costing around $US26.

SSYTC058 Profile Pro on the C26 Genius

SSYTC057 1st Hands-on Experience of the SawStop

At the wood show last weekend, I got to set off the SawStop mechanism, not once, but 3 times.

Funnily enough, I was quite tentative about it the first time – we are talking about an extremely violent reaction at massive speed.

However, in practice it was a lot quieter and more gentle than I was expecting (but just as fast!)  It was amazing just how easy it is to do something stupid, and how capable the SawStop is in allowing you to be able to get away without permanent disability.

You don’t change your work practices (you remain working as safe as ever) – noone wants to set it off even so.  Like airbags in a car, you’d not want to ever see them deployed, but if you did, you would be most grateful they were there.

So here is the video of the very first time I got to set off the SawStop brake.

SSYTC057 1st Hands-on Experience of the SawStop

Thanks to the guys from Gabbett Machinery / I Wood Like for letting me give the machine a workout!

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